Origin story

At first Coffee clothing was nothing more
than a dream of a little girl born in Columbia. Vanessa Stroet, the founder of Coffee clothing, then turned her dreams into reality when she moved to Amsterdam and dove into the world of design and sustainable clothing.

Coffee has always been a more significant meaning for Vanessa. In the mountains between Armenia and Cali lies Sevilla Valle, the small village where she was born. While the men in her family worked as coffee pickers, her grandmother would cook for them and take care of the coffee farm where they all lived. It was a humble living, but filled with gratitude.

Her Colombian roots are woven throughout the details of each garment. The colours are based on traditional indigenous pre-colombian art. We are using natural based colours extracted from biodegradable plant sources just as the indigenous also did.

The first menswear collection is inspired by the principles of abstract pop art in a contemporary fit. This first collection shows the world the endless possibilities to produce bright fashion items, eye-catching items in a fully sustainable way.

In the first digital fashion show, the runway is inspired by the Colombian coffee plantations. In the digital space we allow ourselves to be wherever we want to be and therefore we decided to create a fictional planet. The music is influenced by Latin music, empowering the designs and bright colours. Our digital production leaves room to allow the audience to create their own interpretation of the collection.

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